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red hill winery tours melbourne

Red Hill Winery Tours Melbourne

Do you want to go back home only to hear your friends and family say that “ what? You went to Australia and didn’t go to a winery?” ? No, right?

If you have not visited a winery or went wine tasting yet, you should take our red hill winery tour. Going wine tasting is an experience that you should not even think about skipping, and not going to a winery is not something which should even cross your mind. The picturesque locations are sure to cast a spell on you as they are beauty in its pure and raw form.

The Melbourne Limo Vans and Buses organises tours to the Red Hill Winery. A beautiful place to savour a fine wine. Our tour buses are specially designed keeping the passenger’s comfort in mind.

When it comes to tour buses, there are two things which are most important, safety and comfort. We take pride in saying that we place these two things above everything. Our buses have all facilities, and drivers are incredibly talented and polite. Our polite and professional drivers make sure that you don’t face any problem on your journey, and have an enjoyable experience.

Melbourne Airport Vans and Buses is unique with a seating capacity of 33 plus up to five standing which makes this the ideal way to accommodate larger groups in absolute comfort.

Onboard you will enjoy the immaculate interior, comfortable lounge seating to allow you to relax on your journey. Inbuilt cup holders at your feet, LED lighting to create an atmosphere you desire, seven TVs, excellent state-of-the-art sound system, plus a toilet for your convenience.

For any tour related enquiries, feel free to contact us at this number: 0425832226.


Wine tasting, comfort travelling, scenic landscapes; all of it done in an affordable package.