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Grampians Day Tour Melbourne

If you want to visit a place which is in the lap of nature, you should take our Grampians day tour. Melbourne Limo Vans and Buses organise a day tour to the Grampians National Park. You should not miss this chance seeing animals in their natural habitat and should opt for this trip.

Located in the Grampians region of Victoria, Australia, The Grampians is a national park. A heaven for every photographer, this picturesque place is decorated with striking series of sandstone mountain ranges. The stunning landscapes, the natural colours, the serene atmosphere, and the extraordinary wildlife, everything comes together to make the Grampians the beauty that it is.

This romantic getaway offers its visitors a variety of experiences and activities. The beautiful waterfalls here are worth seeing, and the sunrise is genuinely breathtaking. For those who seek adventure, the Grampians is perfect for a thrilling trek. In all, Grampians is a place for everyone. The Grampians day tour certainly deserves not to be skipped.

Melbourne Limo Vans and Buses has just one aim, that is, to give its customers a memorable experience. And with the Grampians day tour, we achieve precisely that. Our buses have all the facilities to make the traveller feel at ease. We go to lengths to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers.

Onboard you will enjoy the immaculate interior, comfortable lounge seating to allow you to relax on your journey, inbuilt cup holders at your feet, LED lighting to create an atmosphere you desire, seven TVs, excellent state-of-the-art sound system, plus a toilet for your convenience.

For any tour related enquiries, feel free to contact us on this number: 0425832226.


An all-encompassing tour to the beautiful Grampians at an affordable price.